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Which ERP software Development Company for my SME?

Is it sufficient to have a programme for accounting, or do you need to have complete management software? When it comes to evaluating software, using Infoniqa’s checklist for selecting the best ERP can help you ask the right questions and zero in on the best possible solution.


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  5. Find the right solution with the ERP checklist

Is an ERP system necessary?

All companies need a software solution for administrative management. But the requirements for such an application vary greatly depending on size and industry. For example, suppose a simple solution with payroll software is more or less sufficient in a small SME in large companies. In that case, it is, however, necessary to be able to perform extensive tasks in the area of ​​financial and personnel management digitally. Integrating other areas and activities into the system may also be necessary, such as inventory management, order management, performance and working time registration, a document management system, or the management of customers and contacts.

Digitization is often the right strategy.

For many SMEs, a simple accounting program is not always enough. lly using an erp software development company. Therefore, when evaluating a suitable software solution, consider the processes important today and the foreseeable future requirements. Should the solution, for example, offer the possibility of carrying out the VAT statement, establishing invoices and delivery notes, or even carrying out the annual closing of accounts? Infoniqa’s ERP checklist guides you towards your goal by answering these and other questions.

Generally, the more tasks you perform with the accounting software or ERP, the greater the benefits in terms of time and cost savings. Especially with digital payroll management, including the entry of deductions and the calculation of leave days or commissions, you can save a lot of administrative work and paperwork. This also includes the uniform salary communication procedure (PUCS) and the digital sending of payslips. It is important that salary and personnel data are available within the same system or that the different software solutions can interact. In case of close collaboration with a fiduciary,

Company size and sustainability

ERP development company such as internal processes and dependencies on existing IT systems are important for evaluating your software. To consider all your company’s specific needs, it is useful to examine in depth the functional requirements of a future software solution. Another aspect to consider is the type of data storage and availability:

A small business makes very little use of oversized software because of the unnecessary complexity and high costs associated with using it. For instance, this is the situation with Infoniqa ONE 50, which employs a Best of breed strategy and has an open architecture that enables interfaces with solutions provided by third parties.

Find the right solution with the ERP checklist.

A systematic approach to software selection pays off in the long run. Infoniqa’s ERP checklist helps you with the assessment. Infoniqa also offers a workshop to support companies individually during the assessment.

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