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You Should Report Your Kids Not Attending School In West Virginia

This is a blog article about what happens when you don’t send your kids to school. Across the country, states like West Virginia are seeing an increase in parents who are opting out of their children’s education and the problems that come with it. This article breaks down how to deal with this situation if you’re in a similar position.

Why Not to Report Kids for Missing School in West Virginia

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If your child is missing school in West Virginia, there is a good chance that they are not actually absent. In fact, many children in this state may be chronically absent, which means they miss an average of more than 10 days of school per year. This can have serious consequences for their academic and social development, as well as their future employment prospects. Unfortunately, parents in West Virginia are legally obligated to report their children’s absences to the school system, even if the children are actually present at home. If you don’t want to report your child’s absence, there are several ways to get around this legal obligation.

Positives of the Issue

There are a few positives to consider when it comes to the issue of kids not attending school in West Virginia. For one, it can provide an opportunity for parents and guardians to get more time together. Additionally, it can help reduce juvenile crime rates. In fact, a study conducted by the nonprofit organization EdBuild found that kids who are not in school are three times as likely to become criminals later on in life. Finally, parental absence can also lead to improved relationship quality between parents and children.

The Problem with Reporting Kids for Missing School

West Virginia is one of the states that has a “zero-tolerance” policy for children who are not in school. This means that if your child is not in school, you are likely going to be reported to the authorities. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t report your kids for missing school, and here are four of them.

1. It Could Result in Your Child Being Arrested. West Virginia law states that if a child is absent from school without proper justification, the parent or guardian is subject to a civil penalty of not more than $100 per day for each child absent, up to a maximum penalty of $2,500 per year. In some cases, this could lead to your child being arrested and taken into custody.

2. It Could Result in Your Child Being Taken Away From You. If the authorities get involved and determine that your child is actually attending school but is just absent without proper justification, they may take your child away from you and place him or her with relatives or foster parents. This can be very traumatic for your child and can mean years of disrupted family life.

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3. It Could Result in Your Child Receiving Poor Academic


There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t report your kids not attending school in West Virginia. The first is that it could actually lead to them being absent more often, and may even result in them getting suspended from school. Not only that, but according to the State Department of Education, “Children who are chronically truant or who frequently miss classes tend to struggle more with academic achievement than their peers.” Reporting your child may cause them to lose status within their community and make it harder for them to catch up academically.



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