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Top Innovative Ways To Spread Messianic Prophecies In Israel

If you are in Israel and trying to preach Christianity to the Jewish people, you need to know that there are eerie similarities between the ways of Christians and Jewish. It is most evident in religious rituals like Easter and Passover. Easter and Passover not only arrive together every spring, but they are also very similar in concept. Both celebrate the resurrection and the defeat of death. In essence, both celebrate the hope for salvation. While Easter is a Christian festival, Passover is a Jewish festival.

Easter and Passover

Easter is an occasion when Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ from his grave three days After his crucifixion, death, and burial. In Passover, Jewish people all over the world commemorate the exodus of Jews from slavery in Egypt. This shows that Easter and Passover are not entirely unrelated.

You can start your conversation with a Jewish person with the similarities between Passover and Easter. Although the similarities are only symbolic, this can be a good starting point when you are trying to convince a Jewish person about the importance of Messianic Prophecies.

Indeed, these prophecies of the Messiah are about suffering and salvation. One of the most significant of these prophecies fulfilled by Jesus speaks of a suffering servant. Jesus had said that he suffers because of others’ sins. Jesus paved the way for the salvation of people like the suffering servant through his death on the cross. In Hebrew, the Messiah is often referred to as Melekh Mashiach, literally meaning ‘the Anointed King’.

Reaching The Jewish Masses

To reach the Jewish mass with the message of God, the first thing that you need to do is learn Hebrew. You need to learn the language that common people speak. So, getting the hang of Hebrew is the first step in your effort to spread the Messianic prophecies in Israel. Once you have acquired enough skills in the language, you can start spreading God’s word through videos on YouTube and social media posts. A majority of people in Israel access social media regularly. You can spread the word of God easily through social media.

History of Messiah’s Activity In Israel

It is an irony that Jesus was born in Israel and had spent a major part of his life there, yet, only about 2% of people in Israel follow Christianity. If you want to contribute to spreading God’s word in Israel, you need to have some idea about the life and works of God in Israel.


If you are one of those who are trying to spread the significance of Messianic prophecies in Israel, you need to gear up. You need to learn Hebrew, and have good knowledge about the life and work of Jesus in Israel. Pointing out the similarities between Judaism and Christianity and picking up the thread from there can be a good thing to start with.



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