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The best Netflix movies 2022

over the last few years, December has been an exciting month for Netflix movies 2022 as they have been praised for several movies that ended up in the middle of the awards season rush.

While their slate of 2022 movies may not have taken home the Best Picture Oscar, Netflix seems to have a handful of other incredible movies that will be talked about for several weeks on the final “best of” lists annually. to come to the fore

Let’s take a look at what I think rose to the top of the Netflix movies 2022 pile this year

Netflix movies 2022: LOST BULLET 2

Lost Bullet Rules, and the second film – recently released on Netflix movies 2022 in November – raises the bar to another high.

The chase scene is full of action – this time super mechanic Leno attached an electric rod to the front of his car, making it a fun car. Crazy world except for the car chase – and fights are deep (Alban Lenoir throws a lot of hard right crosses in this film, arriving at the same number). It helps to have a leader who looks like he’s been in a few tavern brawls in his day, and Lenoir offers just the right personality you need for the role. Throw in the chaotic joy of exploding cars in increasingly interesting ways, and you have Lost Bullet 2. – Pet Volk


Athena is the definition of a movie played on Netflix movies 2022. It’s really impossible to single out the best part of the film – is it the performances of Sami Slimane and Deli Bensalah as Karim and Abdel, two brothers who are devastated in the death of his younger brother? The long tracking shots director Romain Gavars expertly uses increase the tension in each scene. Sagittarius soundtrack? Or maybe it’s the beauty of each frame, facing a neighborhood in rebellion, bent on war against the police to make their voice heard.

What works in Athens is how these things blend into a larger story; Like the cries of his insurgents or armored police forces retaliating against them, each small part is part of a more significant whole. While the film has (rightly) attracted attention for its one-off sequences, Gowers uses it for a sweet ending – simultaneously highlighting the chaos of the last stand, and leaving only Kareem and Abdul’s shared appearances diminished by Netflix movies 2022.

In a modest film, it would be easy to stick to the nature of the drama in Netflix movies 2022 or to have a clear moment that defines things. But at a festival like Athens, where all its ingredients are expertly blended into something truly fleshy, nothing is simple. The revolution is chaotic, and Athena realizes that leaks are coming from both sides. This movie is all gassy, with no breaks. Thriller and Greek tragedy, all in one. – Zusha Postman


The stories of his pickup ball exploits are legendary, he’s a huge Knicks fan, and his work on Uncut Gems is the closest I’ve seen to a cinematic representation of what it feels like to be a sports team under stress.

So who better put together one of the best Netflix movies 2022 in years?

In Hustle, Sandler plays a former college player who had a long career scouting for 76 years and dreams of becoming a coach of Netflix movies 2022. When it looks like those dreams are coming true and then suddenly disappear, Sandler’s Stanley Sugarman must find a chance to succeed or risk losing his job. When young Bo Cruz (played in real-life NBA player Juancho Hernangomez) is spotted at a pickup game in Spain, his luck finally seems to kick in.

Featuring an ensemble cast of movie stars and basketball stars, Hustle is a sermon on the joys and struggles of basketball and making your passion your job. Sandler is excellent in the lead role, as are Hernangomez and NBA star Anthony Edwards in supporting roles. The film makes full use of the talent on screen, with an exciting basketball sequence that utilizes the incredible skills of the actors. – PV


Many famous directors have used Netflix movies 2022 to fund projects they couldn’t do elsewhere; Guillermo del Toro turned to the streamer to greenlight this 15-year-old passion project, a whimsical, charming, and exquisitely crafted stop-motion take on 19th-century Italian children. It takes tremendous freedom with the source material, taking it back in time to Mussolini’s Italy and turning it into an anti-fascist tale of death, resurrection, and the joy of nonconformity. It’s not a kids’ movie, but it’s not one either; Like del Toro’s horror stories The Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth, seeing Pinocchio from a child’s perspective brings clarity to some of the biggest fears. It’s del Toro’s best movie since those two, too – poignant, personal, rich with imagination, and unlike anything you’ve seen. – Ollie Welsh


You know how movie trailers often say something like “from a crazy mind” of someone who… isn’t that so crazy? Timo Tjahjanto is the rare director who lives up to this appreciation.

The master of thriller and horror who brought us the Netflix movies 2022 masterpiece The Night Comes for Us turns his skills into the action comedy genre, bringing together a crazed group of retired killers who team up to solve the murder of their father’s character. It’s a setup similar to another great Netflix movie – The Paper Tigers – but this one brings Tjahyanto’s wicked sense of humor. Your mileage may vary from strip to strip, but the fighting in The Big 4 is undeniable. It’s tough, brutal, and full of comedic beats and bloody outbursts. Tjahyanto is one of the most exciting young directors working today, and The Big 4 is just one of many reasons to be excited about his upcoming remake of Train to Busan. -PV


Thomas M. Wright’s The Stranger is one of the most beautifully filmed and played on Netflix movies 2022  the best-acted thrillers of the year. Sean Harris plays Henry Teague, a migrant day laborer who accidentally finds himself working with Mark Frame (Joel Edgerton) for an Australian criminal organization. Unknown to Teague, he is at the center of one of the largest manhunts in Western Australian history, suspected of the brutal murder of a teenage boy several years earlier. By alternating both procedurally and cerebrally,

Wright propels the audience into a drama where heroes go head-to-head in a tense game of cat and mouse where the stakes are both legal and personal. From the dark, dreamy cinematography to brilliant performances from Edgerton and Harris to the dark and noisy score from composer Oliver Coates, The Stranger is a tense, suspenseful thriller that will hold you close and won’t let go until the very end. – Toussaint Egan

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