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Study MBBS In Wuhan University At Affordable Fee

About Wuhan University, China

Wuhan University is in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. It is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in China. The history of Study MBBS in Wuhan University dates to the Ziguang Institute, which was founded in 1893.

In 1928, it was finally renamed Wuhan University. As it developed and evolved, it became one of the first comprehensive national university groups in modern China. It is a first-class A-level university under the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Wuhan University is a public university directly under the Ministry of Education.

Why study MBBS at Wuhan University?

The advantages of studying at Wuhan University are as follows

Their degrees are highly recognized by the PMC and the World Health Organization.

Students who graduate from the university’s MBBS program can take medical licensing exams and practice in their home country or on campus.

The university environment is very conducive to medical education.

The faculty of the university is highly qualified, supportive, knowledgeable, and ready to support the students.

The university has excellent infrastructure and modern facilities for students.

The admission requirements of the university are fulfilled and the admission procedure is easy.

Additional fees of up to 80,000-1,000,000 Rbl (or more) are provided for the application, visa, air tickets, etc.

Meals are also provided (for one year).

The fees listed here are approximate and subject to change due to currency fluctuations.

First-year tuition is payable upon registration.

Duration of the MBBS course – Wuhan University

The duration of the MBBS course at Wuhan University is as follows.

The MBBS course at Wuhan University lasts for six years and includes a one-year internship.

Institute of Medical Sciences / Frontier Immunology and Metabolism Research Centre

Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences

Wuhan University People’s Hospital (Hubei Provincial General Hospital)

Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University (Second Clinical Hospital of Wuhan University)

Wuhan University School of Foot and Mouth Disease (Wuhan University Foot and Mouth Disease Center)

Wuhan University School of Medicine and Vocational and Technical University

The eligibility criteria for studying MBBS at Wuhan University are as follows.

Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years old as of September 1, 2021.

Good health and good conduct.

Good academic standing.

Applicants must be fluent in English

English proficiency must be demonstrated by a test such as IELTS 5.5 or higher or TOEFL 80 or higher. The applicant will take an oral or written test in English at Wuhan University.

You must have completed a 10+2 or equivalent course with a grade of at least 70%.

Students must have passed 10+2 in physics, biology and chemistry as majors.

How to apply for MBBS admission at Wuhan University?

The application procedure for MBBS courses at Wuhan University is as follows

1 Online application

Step 1: Firstly, fill in the application form through the international student service system of Wuhan University during the application period.

Step 2: Then, the applicant must fill in the Wuhan University International Student Scholarship and Application Form completely and without error. Then the applicant must pay the application fee, registration fee and processing fee.

2 Complete evaluation

Step 3: After paying the application fee, the applicant will receive a copy of the official acceptance letter issued by the university within 7-10 business days.

Step 4: Applicants must submit the procedural documents to Wuhan University before the application deadline.

3 Visa Application

Step 5: To apply for a visa, you will need a passport, admission letter, visa application form (JW202/201), medical examination report form, and blood test report. Students need a student visa (X1/X2 visa). The time between the receipt of the acceptance letter and the issuance of the Chinese visa is approximately 30 days.

Required documents.

The following documents are required for admission to Wuhan University.

Transcript of the tenth test

Transcript of test 12

Passport-size photograph

Physical and medical qualifications

Transcript of the NEET exam

Copy of passport (valid for at least two years)

Certificate of vacancy (if there are vacancies in the current year).

Proof of parent/guardian’s six-month bank deposit (at least the amount of the first year’s contributions).

Police character certificate

Wuhan University – 2021 ranking list

According to, Wuhan Medical University has the following national and global rankings.


Wuhan University offers the following scholarships

A number of scholarships are available for students who are struggling or cannot afford to pay.

Scholarships include the Confucius Scholarship and the Chinese Government Scholarship.

Study aid

Wuhan University’s teaching resources are as follows

Wuhan University is taught in English, so there is no language barrier for foreign students studying at the university.

Chinese language study is available in the first year of study.

Accreditation and certification

Wuhan University is accredited and recognized by several major medical schools.

World Health Organization (WHO)

Pakistan Medical Council (PMC)

South African Health Professions Council (SAHPC)

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMC)

Dormitories and accommodation

Wuhan University Dormitories.

Wuhan Medical University consists of three campuses.

The range of accommodation costs depends on the room.

Students are accommodated in the dormitories of Maple Garden and Medical Campus.

Maple Garden, Wuhan University’s accommodation for international students, is located in buildings 1, 2 and 4.

Other dormitories for international students are located in buildings 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Wuhan University Medical Campus.

Both campuses have two- and four-bedroom apartments.

These buildings have air conditioning, broadband internet access, video surveillance, toilets, telephones, and water heaters.

Student life at Wuhan University

Student life at Wuhan University is well organized, with many opportunities for students.

Wuhan Medical University offers students opportunities to try new things, explore and experience rich and colorful university life.

Wuhan University has around 300 student societies, which organize a wide range of student activities throughout the year.

Here, students are encouraged to join student societies, participate in student activities, make new friends, develop creativity and leadership skills, and become part of the community.

Wuhan University has a variety of communities, including guitar groups, chess groups and singing groups.

Students can participate in activities of their choice. There are also activities exclusively for foreign students, such as a Chinese calligraphy competition. In short, students enjoy extra-curricular activities while studying at this university.

The university regularly organizes various academic lectures, science and technology competitions, business plan competitions, and extra-curricular academic craft events such as Luo Jia Forum, Autumn Leaf Forum, and Student Forum.

The university also organizes arts and culture festivals and sports events for students.

The university also provides accommodation for students.

Cost of accommodation in Wuhan

Here are some key facts about the city of Wuhan.

Wuhan is the birthplace of the Zhu Xi civilization.

Wuhan is the capital of the People’s Republic of China.

It has a population of over 11 million.

It is the largest city in Hubei province and the most populous city in central China.

The city is home to the Yellow Crane Tower and is mentioned by many ancient Chinese poets, including Li Bai.

Wuhan is a city in central China with direct flights to every continent in the world, much higher education institutions and is located next to Beijing.

Wuhan is considered the political, economic, cultural, financial, commercial, and educational center of Central China.

Wuhan has a humid subtropical monsoon climate with plenty of sunshine and rainfall. Summers are very hot, sometimes exceeding 40°C.

The city is a major transport hub, with dozens of highways, railways and motorways linking it to other major cities.

The average temperature in Wuhan is 17.2 °C.



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