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Students Respond To The Japan Robots Shooting Misunderstanding

When the Japan robots shooting news first aired, many people were quick to jump to conclusions. Some feared that our benevolent robotic overlords had gone rogue and started killing humans. But students have spoken, and they’re letting us know that the robot in the video wasn’t actually shooting anyone. Of course, this doesn’t mean that everything is hunky dory in the robotics world – there’s still a lot we don’t know about these machines. But for now, we can put to rest any unfounded fears about murderous robots!


Robots have been increasingly popular among students over the last few years. However, recently there has been a misunderstanding about how they work and what could happen if they’re not properly secured. In order to clear up any confusion and provide accurate information to students, we spoke with some of them about their thoughts on robots and shootings.

First and foremost, most of the students we spoke to said that they were aware of the Japan shooting and had heard about the controversy around it. They were also both interested in hearing more about how robots work and how they could potentially be used in safety-related contexts. Some were even inspired to learn more about robotics as a result of this incident.

While some students seemed open to the idea of using robots in safety-related contexts, others raised concerns about potential vulnerabilities associated with them. One student pointed out that there is always a risk that something could go wrong when robots are used in dangerous or sensitive environments, which could lead to serious consequences for those involved. Another student argued that there are far safer methods available for performing tasks such as these than relying on robots – like manual labour – which can be difficult and time-consuming to do.

Why Don’t Japan Robots Shooting?

Robots are not created to shoot humans, or even other robots. They are simply meant for tasks that need precision and repetition, like factory work or agricultural duties. In fact, some of the world’s most advanced industrial robots have been designed specifically to avoid harming humans in any way. That being said, there have been occasional reports of malfunctioning or uncontrolled robots shooting people, typically as a result of operator error.

Are Japanese Robots Antisocial?

Many people misunderstand the events that took place in Japan earlier this year when reports of shots being fired at a university campus by what were later found to be Japan robots shooting prompted widespread panic. But while the Japanese media and public seem to have been alarmed by these events, most students who responded to an online survey think that the robots were actually misunderstood.

When asked whether they thought the shooting was intentional or accidental, nearly two-thirds of respondents (65%) said accidentally. Of those who thought it was intentional, almost all (95%) thought it was done by someone trying to scare the students on campus. Less than one percent (0.7%) believed it was done on purpose as a prank or invasion of privacy – and even fewer (0.4%) thought it was done by someone with malicious intent.

The responses from students suggest that there is little awareness of or concern about robots in Japan yet – which may be why there was such confusion around the shooting. The possibility that these machines are causing harm or anxiety does not seem to be a priority for many people yet, which could bode well for their future incorporation into society.

Comparing Other States to Japan

Dozens of university students from around the world were asked how Japan compared to other developed nations in terms of robot technology, as underscored by the recent shooting death of a Japanese citizen by a self-driving Nissan robotic delivery vehicle. While opinions varied, most people believed that Japan had progressed considerably more rapidly in this field than any other nation.

Countries such as China, United States and Germany are generally seen as being at the forefront of robotics technology at present, but many respondents felt that Japan had surpassed these countries in terms of both their ability to develop humanoid robots and their understanding and use of artificial intelligence (AI). Many cited initiatives like the deployment of Lilly’s Transparent Robotbased healthcare assistant in nursing homes across Japan as an example of where Japanese innovation was leading the way.

One respondent remarked that “Japan is definitely ahead when it comes to robot technology,” while another added that “Japan has been very proactive in terms of artificial intelligence and automating things. They’re also really good at humanoid robots and developing them for commercial purposes.”

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