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PewDiePie Net Worth – How Does PewDiePie earn the  Money?

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), a Swedish YouTuber, is one of the 10 YouTubers who have been consistently on Forbes’ list of top earners over the years. This YouTuber also dominated YouTube King for 5 consecutive years and was recently overtaken by T-Series. However, he still has a huge fan base supporting him and the YouTuber continues to make a name for himself in the market.

There is a question that not only arouses the curiosity of the masses, but also the general public. It’s about how amazing the world’s top YouTubers can be, and how rich Pewdiepie can be. Come and discover with us and don’t be too surprised.

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Since 2016 Pewdiepie has had a huge income

The most successful person in this field, as noted by Forbes, is still Felix Kjellberg – a 27-year-old Swedish man nicknamed PewDiePie when he earned up to $15 million (equivalent to 340 billion Vietnamese dongs) in 2016. Royalties, endorsements, and book sales… Felix Kjellberg can earn close to 1 billion VND a day – a figure that many successful entrepreneurs have to look at.

PewDiePie’s YouTube channel is known for having the most subscribers in the world and also the channel with the fastest growth rate. To date, it has nearly 50 million combined visitors, up 20% from last year. In 2016, he overtook Roman Atwood in second place – a vlogger who specializes in posting funny videos and making fun of others. The American man has significantly improved his position compared to 2015, when he rose 6 places in the Forbes rating, earned $ 8 million, and had 10.4 million subscribers.

The income is even worse from 2018

According to data from StatSheep, a site that specializes in forecasting for YouTube content channels, PewDiePie could earn approximately $48,065,364 million from YouTube. However, the figure above is the total amount of Pewdiepie’s earnings, excluding taxes.

Business Insider

According to Business Insider, YouTube makes up 45% of any advertising revenue with a single-user video. Even after these charges are deducted, the video channel owner will still be subject to a 30% tax rate. According to Business Insider. The rest is the actual amount that will go into the pocket of the video channel owner. So, here’s the actual amount PewDiePie could make if you apply this formula provided by Business Insider.

$18.5 million annually is an impressive number for a YouTuber. However, don’t forget that PewDiePie has to invest a lot of its “budget” in equipment and costs for its crew to produce videos. Over the years. This number has been really huge for YouTubers. But at the time of 2018, with more than 71 million people clicking subscribe and nearly 19.2 billion videos being watched, the numbers didn’t come as a surprise to many.

If PewDiePie’s claims are true, this person could be earning the equivalent of $7 million or more every year. Despite having a huge source of income. PewDiePie still assures his fans that he still lives a very modest life, adding that money is not everything.

He and his wife still had to live in an economic environment so that nothing in their lives would change or distract them from material success. “Obviously in the beginning I didn’t start as a YouTuber to make money.” PewDiePie said of himself “With everything I’ve done to date, I’m still living a very modest life because I want my life to be at a normal level. I also want to spend money to change my life.” don’t want to use.”





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