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Oxygenator Market Top Players Data by Forecast to 2028

Market Overview –

Pune, India, 12th May 2022: The oxygenator market size is set to gain traction as a result of the rising number of hospital admissions caused by the rising prevalence of coronary heart disease and other respiratory disorders. Fortune Business InsightsTM has presented this information in its report titled “Oxygenator Market, 2021-2028”.

COVID-19 Impact –

To cope with the sudden COVID-19 outbreak, companies commenced boosting the manufacturing of oxygenators internationally to assist the adoption of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) methods for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in order to deal with the current COVID-19 scenario. The need for oxygenators in intensive care units has skyrocketed. Furthermore, these devices are crucial in critical care surgical procedures and the management of COVID-19 patients; as a result, market players are releasing solutions that include an oxygenator.

Competitive Landscape –

There are several significant competitors in the oxygenators market, which is moderately competitive. A few major competitors are producing new products with advanced technologies to compete with existing items, while others are purchasing and teaming with other market-leading businesses.

Industry Development –

February 2020: The U.S. FDA has received a premarket notification for the Paragon Adult Maxi Pmp Oxygenator from Chalice Medical Ltd.

List of Key Players in the Global Oxygenator Market

  • Medtronic plc
  • Terumo Medical Corporation
  • Getinge AB
  • Livanova Plc
  • CareFusion
  • Armstrong Medical
  • Other key market players

Table Of Content:

Moreover, Introduction

1.1. Moreover, Research Scope

1.2. Moreover, Market Segmentation

1.3. Moreover, Research Methodology

1.4. Moreover, Definitions and Assumptions

Executive Summary

Market Dynamics

3.1. Moreover, Market Drivers

3.2. Moreover, Market Restraints

3.3. Moreover, Market Opportunities

Moreover, Key Insights

4.1. Key Industry Developments – Moreover, Merger, Acquisitions, and Partnerships

4.2. Porter’s Five Forces Moreover, Analysis

4.3. Moreover, SWOT Analysis

4.4. Moreover, Technological Developments

4.5. Moreover, Value Chain Analysis

4.6. Moreover, Impact of COVID-19 on Market

5.Key Findings / Moreover, Summary

5.1.1 North America Sales and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

5.1.2 North America Revenue and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

5.2 United States Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

5.3 Canada Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

5.4 Mexico Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

8 South America by Country

8.1 South America Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Country

8.1.1 South America Sales and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

8.2 Brazil Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

8.3 Argentina Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

8.4 Colombia Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

9 Middle East and Africa by Countries

9.1 Moreover, Middle East and Africa Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Country

9.1.1 Middle East and Africa Sales and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

9.1.2 Moreover, Middle East and Africa Revenue and Market Share by Country (2022-2029)

9.4 Egypt Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

9.5 Moreover, Nigeria Sales and Growth Rate (2022-2029)

10 U.S. Healthcare Assets Management Market In Developing Countries

11 South America Analysis by Countries

12 Moreover, Competitive Landscape

13 Moreover, Industry Outlook

13.1 Moreover, Market Driver Analysis

13.1.2 Moreover, Market Restraints Analysis

13.1.3 Moreover, Market Trends Analysis

13.2 Moreover, Merger, Acquisition and New Investment

13.3 Moreover, News of Product Release

14 Moreover, Global Forecast

15 Moreover, New Project Feasibility Analysis

15.1 Moreover, Industry Barriers and New Entrants SWOT Analysis

15.1.1 Moreover, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

15.1.2 Moreover, New Entrants SWOT Analysis


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