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Health Hazards Of Vibration At The Construction Site

The health hazards in the construction industry are very common. Many reasons may cause health risks to the construction workers and the people living around them. One of the health hazards of the construction site is vibrational effects. The activities on the construction site cause continuous vibration that affects the human very adversely. If the worker is continuously on exposure to the vibration, then they may be fatal or under severe health concerns.

The construction contractors and workers should know the health hazards of vibrations so that they can avoid severe damage. The vibration on the construction site does not only affect human health but the site as well. the vibration may be caused by the heavy-duty jobs and by the use of heavy equipment like a used grader for sale.

In this article, you will know about the health hazards of vibration on human health and possible ways to prevent them.

What symptoms arise on exposure to vibration?

When the construction workers work under the site which has high vibration then they may get extreme health effects. Several kinds of symptoms may arise in the body of the workers. The heavy-duty task on the construction site can cause vibration in the ground and even in the walls and windows. So it is quite harmful to the people living around the construction site. The residential areas are more prone to get these hazards. It is the responsibility of the contractors to take care of these things. 

The common symptoms of health hazards caused by the vibration may be headaches, body aches, back pain, development of carpel tunnel syndrome and some other muscles damages, etc. In most severe cases, the worker having extreme exposure to the vibration may find broken parts of bones and inflammation in the tissue.

Common risk caused by the vibration

Along with the series of symptoms that arise in the workers on exposure to vibration, some most common risks may affect the human body for a long time.

  • Hand-Arm Vibration

When the workers need to work in an environment or a job that required to handle by hand then the vibrational waves move through the arm and hand. This vibrational wave movement in the hand for a long time may cause tissue damage in the arm, hand, wrist, elbow, and fingers.

The common symptoms of hand-arm vibrational hazards are:

  • Pain in hand
  • Pain extended to the shoulder and neck
  • Low grip 
  • Unable to hold things for longer
  • Unable to operate the tools with hands such as drills.
  • Whole-Body Vibration

Whole-body vibrational hazards may affect the entire body. The body aches in different parts like feet, hands, and other parts. The symptoms may include:

  • Body and muscle pain
  • Tissue inflammation
  • Nerves suppression
  • Irritation on skin and eyes
  • Sleep abnormalities


The vibration in the construction site is normal. It happens due to the heavy-duty tasks and the operation of equipment like a used grader for sale. The vibrational wave may cause different health hazards to the workers and the people living around the site. In this article, you may find details about the vibrational hazards to human health.



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