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Gojek Clone App: New Features You Should Know About

Features are the backbone of any on-demand multi-service app. They ensure that your customers’ experience is enhanced at all times! Similarly, the Gojek Clone app is enriched with multiple features to make service booking easy, simplify the tracking process, and so forth! In the blog, we will look at a handful of the features that make the on-demand mobile application world’s best digital platform for availing services like: 

  • Online taxi booking 
  • Online video consultation services 
  • Service bidding 
  • On-demand doorstep delivery service
  • On-demand services like beauty, car washes, etc. 
  • Courier delivery 
  • Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner 

Let’s explore! 

Gojek Clone: Feature To Enhance Your Customer Experience 

Ask the project Manager to add the latest features to the app! Here are the features Affordable Housing Financing that’ll help you enhance the customer experience. 

1. Video call option 

App users and providers can now place a video call on the mobile application itself. In addition to the video calling option, the users and providers can also opt for an in-app text chatting option and VOIP-based voice calling. 

But what’s the benefit of the video calling option? The users and delivery/taxi drivers can easily communicate the directions and location details. 

2. Multiple credit card management 

Your app users and providers can now manage multiple credit cards on the app. They can select one of them as default. Moreover, one can add or delete the cards as per their requirements. 

Doesn’t that make online payments much more convenient? 

3. Biometric authentication login 

This feature allows the customers and providers to log in to the app using Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning! This feature of the Gojek Clone App enables easy login without having to remember usernames and passwords. 

Moreover, it strengthens the security besides offering convenience! 

4. OTP verification  

OTP verification is required to begin any task on the on-demand multi-service app. 

It acts as an extra layer of security. A four-digit numeric code is sent to the customer’s phone number and email address. Once the provider enters the OTP and verifies the code, they can begin the task. Don’t worry; the numeric code is different for every service. Therefore, you can rely upon the verification process! 

5. In-app push notifications 

The in-app push notifications are graphically represented. The graphical icons help the customers to know and understand the order status hassle-free! This feature also allows the customers to simply drag the notifications to see the status without having the open the app again and again.  

How to Select the Gojek Clone App with the Best Features?

To see if the application is best for your business or not, take the free demo app trial. By trying the application, you will come to know its workflow and also test its features. However, if you are confused about where to find superior quality apps for on-demand business, take a look at this checklist: 

  • The white-labeling firm should have at least a decade-worth of experience in the market. 
  • The firm must have launched 1200+ on-demand app solutions. 
  • Their website should have video testimonials of their clients as proof. 
  • They should be ready to sign the NDA. 
  • Provide lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no extra cost. 
  • Free demo app. 

In conclusion:

It is time to launch the Gojek Clone app because you know you have found the right business solution for 2022. Today is the right time to look into the details of the app and connect with the white-labeling firm sales representative. 

Kick-start your journey to umpteen success and wealth right now!



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