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Foolproof way to achieve the top spot in Google’s SERP

The first place in Google SERP is a dream place every website is working hard to reach. Many studies have shown that many people click on the first three results Google gives for your query. Being in the top three is excellent, but first place gives you more credibility and authority. The success of your webpage is based on SEO. If you want to be at the top of the game, you should-

  • Work hard on creating unique and valuable products.
  • Research thoroughly about the long-tail keywords.
  • Create content that is informative and engaging.
  • Build internal and external links.
  • Optimize your website loading speed.

According to a recent survey, 89% of Internet users search for the product online before making a purchase, even when it is made at a local business. If you want to get hold of valuable traffic and direct it to the right resources on the website, you have a lot of work to do at your end. You should start by building a solid strategy for your business. Implement the system effectively and keep up with all the latest algorithm updates to make necessary strategy adjustments. 

You should also keep the rest of your business in motion and ensure that you properly serve the leads and prospects that your rankings will generate. If you do not have an excellent inbound marketing strategy for turning the traffic into leads, your rankings won’t be worth much. Putting together a properly chalked-out game plan is essential, and get to work!  

You can use following the below foolproof strategies for achieving the top spot in Google’s SERP-

1. Determine the specific words you want to compete for.

This is the very first step in putting together the right SEO strategy. The list of your focus keywords should start broad and use analytics to narrow down the best keywords for your business.

It is very essential to narrow down the competition and relevance of broad keywords for including local elements and more specific services in your business.

Keyword research is inclusive of the following things-

Find what people are searching for online

When a content creator conducts keyword research, he can get the inside scoop on what people are searching for on the online platforms. This information is highly vital as it gives the content creator instant feedback on whether or not any content idea is worth spending time and resources on. It is a known fact that you would want to create content targeting keywords that people already use to find information online. 

Understand the competitive landscape

Keyword research is one such concept that allows SEOs to understand the competitive landscape by giving them a clear insight into who they compete against. For example, you have an idea for a piece of content you would like to produce. When you do control research, you can see which domains already compete for the respective keywords.

2. Optimize your website for the focus keywords

Every page on the site needs to include the critical optimization elements that help Google understand what each page is all about. Each page needs to have the following features addressed properly with a single focus keyword-

  • Page title.
  • Meta description.
  • Alt text.
  • Keyword in content

Following are the steps to optimize a web page for the organic keywords-

Choose the keyword to focus on

You can use Google Analytics to choose the organic keyword phrases to focus on first in the optimization efforts. These keywords are the ones that are already contributing to the business goals. Google Analytics also helps to map the keywords to the existing pages on the site. 

Try to improve search listings for the keywords.

You should search for each keyword phrase you will focus on and determine how the search engine is generating all the search listings so that you can also attempt to improve if there are some constructive changes you need to make. 

You should also determine how the search engine generated that particular listing. It could be by extracting text on the page, from the Meta description or some combination. Many people make use of SEO Perth, which is the SEO that focuses on improving your online presence, provides years of revenue growth for your business and delivers a unique competitive advantage. The process involves various strategies like changing the website’s design, inserting keywords, and building backlinks to increase the authority of your site and its relevance. 

3. Develop an ongoing website content strategy

Google put out their Panda algorithm update in the year 2011 and they put out a message to all the web builders that they should not let their site get stale, meaning that the sites will be rewarded for continually improving their content, growing the amount and the quality of all the relevant resources and web pages. If you want to improve your search engine rankings, you should build your website over time.

It is essential to keep your website growing and updated. You should add all the relevant tools, resources and informative content to help all the visitors understand how to use your website to educate themselves and understand all options they have.

You should develop an ongoing website content strategy by thinking about the below questions-

Who will be reading your content?

Your business/service might have more than one type of customer, one similar line; your content strategy also can cater to more than one type of user.

You should use a variety of content types and channels, and they will help you deliver content that is perfectly tailored to each type of persona.

What all problems will you be able to solve for your target audience?

The service you provide solves the problems your audience is dealing with. Along similar lines, your content coaches and educates your audience through this problem. The content strategy that you chalk out should be such that it should solve the problems of the people who are still figuring out what their main challenges are and also the ones who are already using your service or product for overcoming all the challenges in their way.

What makes you unique?

You should often ponder over what makes you unique. You should have a unique brand voice that makes you stand out from your competitors. 

What content formats should you focus on?

To know what content formats you should focus on, you should first try to get to know your audience. For example, if you want to launch a podcast or launch a Youtube channel, for example, you should first find out where and what their preferences are. Once you are able to identify the best formats, you should start creating a budget for assessing what resources you can allocate for executing this strategy.

4. Implement a blog strategy

For supporting your website content strategy further, you should have built a blog on your website. Every new article that you publish on your website, counts as a new indexed page. The article can also be distributed socially for driving additional traffic to your website.

You should build topics and choose a focus keyword for each article that your write. You should write about the kinds of things your potential clients are interested in learning about. 

Following are the ways to implement a blog strategy-

Find semantic keywords for your focus keyword

After doing keyword research and discovering various keyword ideas, you should pick the one that has the highest search volume. The keyword should be the one having a very low competition.

This will be your focus keyword. It is the search phrase that the users are most likely to use to search your article. 

You should also fund the Latent Semantic Keyword or the LSI keywords. These keywords are the ones that are related to your focus keyword. You should simply enter the focus keyword in the Google search engine and scroll down to the bottom of the results. These keywords will be listed there. You should try to incorporate these types of relevant keywords in the content for having the most complete content for your readers.

Write an effective blog post title

One thing that matters the most when it comes to your search rankings is the title of your blog post. If you want your article more relevant to the search query, you should make it SEO friendly. You can also make your article SEO-friendly by using the focus keywords in the title.


Although competition can be fierce, you must be even more resilient if you want to flourish in a brutal sector. The fantastic thing about the above-mentioned tactics is that they give you a long-lasting link profile that mimics that of your rivals, enabling you to obtain the same links as they do. 

Additionally, since there are hundreds of pages that you will need to mine connections from. The number of backlinks you may obtain using these techniques is limitless. Although putting these methods into practice will take some time. once you have mastered your speciality, it should all have been worthwhile.



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