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The Best Way To Earn Commission From The Gojek Clone App

The Gojek clone app is a mutli service on demand mobile app based solution that allows users to interact. locate and hire service providers to hire them for specific jobs. It is the ideal platform that ensures that the user can get to make an informed decision about. Who they are hiring by getting details on their experience, expertise, pricing and so on and so forth right in the beginning, even before they hire them.

Not only that, as time is testament, the Gojek clone app is well love amongst the service providers because it makes sure that more and more service providers can actually access the potential of the web and internet to cast a wider net in terms of their user base. They can now make sure that there are clear notifications and other important markers that allows them to get more jobs.

In fact, the latest versions of the app go beyond making sure that the service providers are not just place holders. They can take a more active role in getting jobs by utilising the service provider bidding option.

Using this option, the user can simply use the app to list their job requirements. The service provider can then be notified of this job and start bidding for it in real time. With this feature, if the service provider is truly interested and thinks it is worth their time. They can lower their pricing to ensure that they land the job. The user can then get the job done at the most competitive price while the service provider may enjoy an added income.

This is an excellent platform for the users as well as the service providers. But that is not all. The app is also a fantastic and profitable solution for app owners. Let us find out why.

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Having a digitized stage for services has made it very helpful for the users to employ any kind of specialist service provider at whatever point the need emerges. This is the reason; you will observe that there is a sharp ascent in the popularity of this application from one side of the planet to the other.

The best thing about an application like the Gojek Clone is that it takes care of north of 82 unique sorts of services. With simply a solitary download and a solitary sign in, the client can get to any service provider under the sun. Likewise, the application proprietor really needs to offer no assistance by any stretch of the imagination. The person in question can just put resources into the application. Launch it on the Google Play store and the iOS application store and totally forget about it.

Each time anybody utilizes the application to recruit any sort of service provider from any industry. The application proprietor stands to procure an attractive commission from it. The Gojek Clone application has been explicitly intended to guarantee that the application proprietor can choose how much commission the person wishes to acquire from it.


The cost range for each assistance is not quite the same as one another. This is the reason; it is essential to set an alternate commission rate for each service. For instance, the toll of a taxi ride is completely different from what a specialist beautician’s visit would cost. In this manner, the commission for a taxi ride ought to be not quite the same as the commission for a specialist beautician’s visit, or for food delivery et cetera.

To ensure that the application fills its need totally and can be utilized for all intents and purposes for the business, the application permits the application proprietor to set a unique or different commission rate for each service that is listed in it. The administrator panel likewise permits administrator or the application proprietor to set different specifics including radius of activity, geo fencing with virtual boundaries, number of services accessible or live at any given point etc.


The Gojek Clone application is an exceptional application that for all intents and purposes engages clients to enlist specialist service providers that offer a scope of more than 82 different services. Nonetheless, every business has an alternate development procedure. To ensure that the application can scale according to the application proprietor’s longing, the application permits the administrator to stow away or add new administrations.

For instance, if you simply need to begin taxi and parcel delivery benefits at the moment of the launch of the app yet have plans of venturing into food delivery or on demand service providers for hire sometime later, you can do that by just going to the administrator board and concealing the services that you don’t promptly require.

The Gojek clone application is an answer that most business people are searching for now. On the off chance that you haven’t as of now. It is maybe time to take a demo of the on request multi administration Gojek clone application arrangement.


As mentioned above, the Gojek Clone App is a pretty powerful solution that has quickly transformed from luxury to necessity. If you plan on purchasing the Gojek clone app for your business. It might be a good idea to start off by taking a live on road test of the app.

Once you are satisfied with the working flow of the app. Try talking to the app development team regarding any and all kinds of custom features that you would like to be integrated in the app for your business. The Gojek clone app is a unique solution that is extremely profitable, so invest in it and enjoy its benefits!



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