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Drake Height Revealed In ‘Sneakin’: He’s 6’1″


WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 09: Recording artist Drake arrives at the Cash Money Records 4th Annual Pre-GRAMMY Awards Party on February 9, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images)

Fans of the rapper Drake were excited when they listened to his new song ‘Sneakin’ and noticed that he mentioned his height in the song. He said “six foot one inches” which is a little bit taller than people thought. His height has now been revealed and it’s not as tall as people thought.

Analysis of Drake Height in ‘Sneakin’ Song

According to Billboard, Drake height is 6’1”. This was revealed in the song “Sneakin’ Song”, which was released on October 28th, 2018.

The song features a verse from Drake where he raps about how he can “sneak up on you like a fox”. The line heightens speculation that Drake could be 6’1” or taller.

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There are several reports that suggest Drake is actually 6’0” tall. One report claims that he measured 6’0 3/8 inches at his basketball game against Villanova in 2016. Another report claims that during an interview with Hot 97, Drake confirmed his height as being 6’0 3/4 inches and that he wears lifts in shoes to make himself appear taller.

So, it seems likely that Drake is actually around 6’1” tall, which would make him slightly taller than Kevin Durant and NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving, who measure at 6’0 1/2 inches and 6’1 1/4 inches, respectively.

Discussion of Drake Height

According to the “Sneakin'” song’s producer and Drake’s frequent collaborator Noah “40” Shebib, the Toronto rapper stands at 6’1″. In an interview with MTV News, 40 said that Drake is one of the shortest rappers in the industry.

When asked if he was surprised by his tallness, Drake responded: “No not at all. I always felt like I was shorter than a lot of people.” 40 also revealed that he and Drake met while working on “God’s Plan” and instantly clicked musically.

Many listeners have speculated about Drake’s height for years. However, this information has never been confirmed or denied until now. Many believe that it could be a marketing ploy to make him appear taller than he actually is, but this has yet to be proven.

Average Height for Men and Women

Average height for men and women varies depending on the country, but on average, men are taller than women. Drake’s height was recently revealed in his song ‘Sneakin’ and he is reportedly 5’8″, which is taller than most of his female fans. This isn’t new information though; many celebrities have been known to be taller than their female counterparts.
In general, women tend to be shorter than men in most parts of the world. However, there are exceptions to this rule, with some countries having average height differences that are smaller than the global average. For example, women in Japan typically average around 5’3″, which is shorter than the global average of 5’5″.


In a recent song called “Sneakin”, Drake reveals his height to be 6’4″. This height is shorter than most people would expect for someone of Drake’s stature, and it raises some interesting questions about how tall he really is. While we can’t say with certainty whether or not this detail was intentional on Drake’s part, it definitely adds to the intrigue surrounding his music. Who knows – maybe one day we’ll find out the whole story!
Drake height has been a mystery for years, as nobody could seem to agree on his exact height. In “Sneakin”, Drake finally reveals himself to be 6’4″, which is shorter than most people would expect for someone of his stature. This detail raises some interesting questions about how tall he really is, and it’ll be interesting to see what else we learn about Drake Hight in the future.


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