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Common Electrical Supply System At The Construction Site

An electrical system and power supply are required in every sector. The electricity is required to run the system. We cannot even think about moving the industry without the electrical supply. The construction site has a few specific and different requirements for the electrical supply. The construction site has different heavy equipment and tool that needs a power supply to operate. Some sites are actively under work during the night time so they need light to work there. 

It is very difficult for the electricians as well to install the power supply at construction sites. Because the safety hazards and risks are higher in this type of place. The construction contractor and the heavy equipment dealer, everyone relies on the power supply to perform their job. The electrician needs to take care of everyone’s requirements.

Before starting the electric system installation, you need to understand what types of electrical supplies are required at the construction site. In this article, we will give you detailed information about the types of electrical system installation required at the construction site.

  • Short-term power supply

In this type of installation, you need a highly proficient electrician as the construction site needs a power supply of very high voltage. If you think that you can temporarily arrange the power supply from the local connections, then it will be a big disaster for you and the site as well. the entire system may trip down and lose the power connection of the area. It is important to ask for help from the local power supply company. They will provide you with a setup for the required time. However, you still need a highly professional and trained electrician to set up the system. Along with all the other matters, make sure to keep the safety of the site, workers, and material before everything.

  • Static wiring system

This type of system is required when the heavy construction equipment needs a continuous supply for a long time. In this system, the electrician generally installs the wiring system to the place which can be later converted to the building’s main power supply line. This way, they do not need to uninstall the system. In this system, some other gadgets are also required such as the power socket, cables, distribution boards, extensions, etc. all these things can be reused after the construction of the building. 

  • Overhead supply

This is the cost-effective method to supply the power line to the construction site. In this system, all the power cables are installed overhead and can easily be removed once the need is fulfilled. No need to install them underground.

  • Underground supply

This system is required when the construction site needs all the fixed and final electric supply installation. To supply the electricity to the building, the underground system is preferable as they do not create a=much hazards compared to the overhead supply. Because of the underground system, all the wires, and cables are covered and not exposed to the environment to get in touch with people and other stuff.

  • Generators

Another most common method of power supply at the construction site is the use of a generator. It needs fuel or gas to run which costs a little extra. However, it is the easiest solution to supply electricity, especially in those areas that are not facilitated by the electric supply. The generator is beneficial in some cases for a contractor and heavy equipment dealer as well.


The electric supply is the need of every sector. No industry can run without a power supply. Similarly, the construction site also requires a power supply to keep running the equipment and other processes. In this article, we have discussed the types of electrical supplies needed at the construction site.



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