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Can custom vape packaging boxes increase your business sales

Custom vape packaging is much in vogue these days due to its several benefits. Its proponents claim that this packaging also helps push sales upward. It is a tall claim and at first, seems implausible as to how a thing as basic as a box can increase sales? In this article, we shall examine this claim and later form a conclusion about whether or not custom vape packaging boxes increase your business. So, let’s begin.

What are custom vape packaging boxes?

Unlike regular boxes, customized boxes are made according to buyers’ specific requirements. It could be the size, style, presentation, appearance, design, or anything else. Due to these qualities, the box becomes unique and distinctive. We shall see how it impacts the overall sales of the company and how having custom boxes can improve your business.

They will grab buyer’s attention:

A custom box will make your brand visible to all and sundry. Its design will set it apart from others and anybody can identify it from afar. In a rack where dozens of vape brands are stacked together, the packaging alone is the differentiating factor.

It is an easy and free promotion for your brand:

By strategically displaying your company’s logo, brand name, slogan, etc. on custom boxes, you make them your brand ambassadors. They will show it off to anyone who sees them. Even if it is lying on a roadside upside down, it is giving free promotion to your company. And promotion leads to sales. A potential buyer will see the box, get to know about the company, and will ultimately buy it.

Custom boxes fuel the urge to shop:

It is something the marketers call impulsive buying. You buy something even though you didn’t plan to initially.  Custom vape packaging boxes are designed and beautified in a way to attracts more and more buyers. In this hope, the sellers invest in packing and make it more charming for buyers so they more of it.

They create a positive impression of the product:

Not many people realize this, the sellers can use custom boxes for an image-building exercise too.  They assume that a company that sets such a high standard for packing would only sell high-quality products. It is a great way to build a favorable impression of your company and it will translate into sales too.

They make a connection with the buyer:

On the shelves of a supermarket every box leaves a mark on the buyer’s minds. Even if it is for a second or even less than that. It is that crucial period where the packaging registers its presence in the buyers’ minds.  In this way, custom boxes subtly but surely influence the buyer to make a purchase and promote sales.

Make your product eco-friendlier with custom boxes:

Environmental concerns are on everyone’s minds. You can contribute to a greener earth by committing to custom boxes. You can use corrugated or Kraft sheets for producing them as they are made from recycled or biodegradable materials. It attracts buyers as they value your environmental concerns by patronizing your brand. This in turn increases your sales making everyone happy in the end.

Share useful information and attract customers:

You can share pictures, names, etc. of your other similar products, give tips and directions on usage, side effects or precautions, if any, and other related stuff. It will sit down well with the consumer and he will go for your brand.

Custom boxes are both practical and functional:

The primary concern of every box is to give cover to the product in every way. A box that fails the product cannot perform its fundamental function and is therefore of no use. They are meant to give full protection to a vape which is a sensitive and fragile product, to begin with. Customers prefer a practical box over an ostentatious one. So, they will buy it surely.

Print add-ons also attract customers:

Print add-ons are different printing techniques that enhance the look of the box and make it more attractive. They include coats and finishes like matte, gloss, UV spot, soft-touch, and also embossed and debossed images or typography. You can use them to make your point and attract more customers.

Production of custom vape packaging boxes:

Fast Custom Boxes is one such factory which is producing custom boxes for vapes and other products. You will find excellent products at unbeatable prices from it. A whole team sits there to look after your order right from the word go. You will see the final product in 3D mock-ups before shipment to minimize the chances of any mishap.


That sums up our topic on Vape Cartridge Boxes and their impact on the company’s business. We can safely conclude that custom boxes do have a positive impact on the company’s sales and overall business productivity. It seems strange and at times funny that something as trivial can have such a big impact.



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