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Benefits of using maid service scheduling software

People nowadays find it challenging to handle household work due to the changing work culture. As a result, their career and personal lives are thrown into disarray. With so many issues to deal with, they frequently seek out a home service provider to assist them with various jobs. Are you a professional (maid service business) who assists customers with their domestic chores?

You must be thinking about how you’ll get the word out about the maid services you offer. You may not have an office to provide a personal touch, or you may be too busy to answer every phone call for appointments.

With a plethora of service scheduling software accessible on the market, the internet has been a boon to all individuals who require assistance in planning their days. The most unique option for spreading the word about the maid service business is to maintain social media accounts and integrate a booking website with them. Simply convert all of your website visitors into consumers by providing them with more attractive offers and services.

While looking for the greatest organised tool on the internet is a fun pastime, You and your customers would be overwhelmed if you could find some software of that kind…


While surfing the internet to find the best organizational tool is a real challenge now! Picktime has been designed in such a way that it may be used and accessed from any location on the planet. Around the clock, from any device that is connected to a dependable internet connection. It has a remarkable potential to fit into your company and increase productivity. Whether you work alone or with a group of coworkers in multiple locations, you can manage everything with just a few clicks from wherever you are.

Most of their answers were they could find Picktime- A free web-based scheduling software of its own kind made as a one-stop fix to sort out all your maid service booking issues. We heard you, and we had a basic conversation with people in charge of domestic chores.

Benefits of using Picktime

Round the clock booking service

Sometimes you might miss a few booking calls when you’re off the clock or busy working for other customers. Worry less about the booking issues when you have Picktime on your side. With Picktime, you are always available for bookings and rebookings, all you have to do is take a quick glance at your booking page every morning for the agenda.    

Recurring appointments

While few customers need your services once in a while, there are a lot many who need you at regular intervals, maybe daily/weekly, and repeat their bookings by turning on the recurring option on Picktime. Worry less about rebookings, rescheduling, and cancellations. Picktime is the only platform that can help you do that within a couple of clicks.

Looking for your own website?

But how can you get a booking page without taking a single penny out of your pockets? Well, we have an answer for that too. Picktime has the greatest feature like no other, its SME-friendly platform seamlessly allows you to build your own booking page, and add images and videos to make it look attractive, with a unique URL. improve your bookings through this option. 

Just share this link on your social networking sites or emails and watch your business bloom.

Automated reminders

Often tired of no-shows or last-minute cancellations? Remind your customers about the upcoming booking, and reduce the cancellations or no-shows through Picktime. Send automated SMS and email booking notifications and reminders to your customers. 

unlimited services add, unlimited staff, and track their status

Add any number of services and descriptions there’s no limit, customize them into various colors that can attract your customers and make it simple for them to book. Drag and drop on the booking page for rescheduling or canceling appointments.

With Picktime, you can also add any number of staff members and assign them tasks online and track their availability right from your desk. Picktime is the trendsetter for making appointments and scheduling a cakewalk for the maid service business. 



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