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AWS database migration service: Understanding architecture and its benefits

A database is defined as an organized collection of structured information, or data that is typically stored electronically in a computer system. It is controlled by a management system known as database management system. There are many types of databases like Hierarchical databases, Network databases, Object-oriented databases, Relational databases, and NoSQL databases. Managing databases can be cumbersome task. However aws database migration tools allows us to migrate the database securely without changing any file format or data corruption. Since database migration through aws is achieved by moving the files not by deleting but by copying. This reduces the risk of down time that hampers work productivity. The demand for AWS database migration service has increased due to its quick popularity. That is why aws launched program for certifying aws partners to provide AWS database migration service.

Understanding AWS Database Migration Service architecture

End users can use aws console, schema conversion tools, and SQL clients to send request to aws cloud servers. These cloud servers have internet gateway to validate the request for file access from virtual private cloud or VPC. The resources on VPC are encapsulated in zone and database subnet. The dB subnet consist of replication instance in the form of AWS database migration service which can mutually interact with RDS oracle source as well as RDS aurora target.

Benefits of AWS Database Migration Service

Quick migration

The migration of software databases can be done effectively using AWS Database Migration Service. It allows us to quickly migrate software application database with ease.

Manage files on cloud efficiently

The files on the aws cloud is stored on multiple data centers to reduce the risk of data loss. In this way if one data centers failed to operate we can still access the cloud resources from other data centers. Using the deployment and management tools we can effectively manage the files on the aws cloud platform.

Secure data on aws cloud servers

We can generate aws cryptographic security key to secure the database on aws cloud platform. This tools help us to monitor and observe the usage of the security key in different resources. The data is validated and authenticated using internet gateway on virtual private cloud.

Optimize database for reducing space on cloud

An un-optimized data consumes more space on cloud platform. We can optimize database automatically by available tools on the aws cloud platform by simple click.

Migration without downtime

The company or organization needs to upscale and for this purpose they switch to cloud technology. The migration with other cloud servers are done by transfer of the files which causes downtime. However the transition of the files on aws cloud is done by copying the files hence there is no down time at all.

It is recommended that we must avail aws database migration service from reputed and trustworthy aws cloud consulting partners who have good ratings and reviews. AWS cloud consulting services allows us to find business opportunity for implementation of cloud technology, In this way we can built scalable IT infrastructure of any size and composition.



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