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All About Natural Henna Color Process-Cover Gray Hair

Natural Henna Colour Process – Pigmenting hair is the most common way to color slate hair and has come a part of the hair care routine for utmost people.  Is it better to use a natural hair color? How to make hair black naturally?

Studies have revealed that frequent hair coloring with chemical coloring causes hair damage. For this reason, further and further, people are turning to natural hair coloring to color their hair. Still, you might have numerous questions, If you’re new to the world of dyeing hair naturally. Do not worry; this step-by- step companion will introduce you to this hair dyeing system that’s safe, fully free of chemicals, and good for your hair. We’ll also address the most common dubieties and apprehensions in the FAQ section at the end of the composition.

All About The Natural Hair Color

Did you know that Henna is one of the oldest known coloring? In the earlier days, it was considerably used for the ayurvedic treatment. Deduced by grinding leaves of the factory, henna leaves were a considered precious commodity, appertained to as greenish gold’.

How To Use Henna to Color Your Hair Brown?

The Natural Henna Powder manufacturer picks the fresh leaves and make the triple filter process to make natural Henna color.

Henna base for dyeing with indigo greasepaint

Follow this simple way, to get brown to sanguine-brown hair.

  • Soak the Henna Powder (100g for short hair, 200g for shoulder- length hair, 300g for long hair) in an iron skillet in Tea Water or Coffee Water overnight. (Adding coffee makes the red color of henna more visible.)
  • Add only a gusto of Lemon Juice if you wish. Add Yoghurt or Egg for fresh exertion.
  • The coming day, apply the paste on clean, product-free hair for 2 hours, depending on preferred intensity.
  • Wash well with water, repeating as numerous times as you intimately need. Don’t use soap.
  •  You can choose soaps with Ayurvedic constituents like Hibiscus for hair. Unlike other soaps, natural soaps made from Hibiscus cleanse the hair without stripping the crown from its natural canvases.

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 How To Apply Henna Powder and Indigo Powder On Hair?

The way to be paint your hair are straightforward and easy. Still, if you ’re dying your hair by yourself, you might struggle in the morning. Then are a many ways that you can follow to make the process comfortable and clean.

Natural hair color

Before you start applying, make sure that the paste is of the right thickness. It should be pudding-suchlike, neither too dry nor too wet and watery.  To avoid making a mess, trim an old kerchief around your shoulders and put on your rubber gloves. Remember that the color may stain the clothes you ’re wearing.

For an easy and thorough operation, divide your hair into as numerous sections as you want and crop them up. Work with one section at a time, start applying henna with a hair coloring encounter right from the roots to the ends. You can also use your hands for this.

Once you’re done with a section, roll the hair beaches around your cutlet into a little coil and stick them to your head.

Once you ’re done with applying it to all the sections, apply the remaining paste each over your head and work it in with your hands for complete content.

Put on a shower cap to avoid discovering the color when you move. Sounds easier now, right? If you struggle to apply the color on your own, you can always take professional help at salons. Now, let’s explore some of the most generally asked questions about dyeing your hair with Henna and Indigo greasepaint.

Is it safe to use Henna and Indigo greasepaint on your hair?

Yes, it’s safe to use henna and indigo on your hair if you ’ve assured that the products are 100 natural, organic, and free of any chemicals. Kama’s Organic Hair Color Kit is certified 100 organic by Locon Quality.

Still, perform a patch test on your forearm to ensure that you aren’t antipathetic to either of these natural hair colorings.

Can I use Henna and Indigo greasepaint on chemically treated hair?

Yes, it’s safe to use natural and 100 henna and indigo on chemically treated hair. Still, it’s suggested to stay 5-6 weeks between chemical treatment and hair coloring.

 How long does indigo hair color last?

Still, the color may last between 4 weeks or lower, If you wash your hair daily. Depending on your hair, you might need to color twice a month.

Can I use Indigo Hair Dye to colour hair dark without Henna?

No, you can’t use Indigo Hair Dye without Henna to be paint your hair black.

Where to get Henna Powder?

Still, go for 100 natural and herbal options if you ’re looking for the natural henna Powder for hair. Kirpal Export Overseas is one of the best Natural Henna Manufacturers based in India and exporting it to the worldwide.

The greying of hair is a part of this natural process, and you can choose to embrace this change. Still, if you like to maintain your hair’s natural black or brown color, we explosively prompt you to choose only the stylish quality natural hair coloring.



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