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Top 8 strategies that can motivate your kid to study

Just as parents have to work to instil necessary skills in their children, they should also work to develop a liking for studies. Initially, your child may not show interest, but if your strategies are efficient enough, they will yield good results. Moreover, the choice of Abu Dhabi India School in Muroor also determines if your child finds it interesting to study or not. Hence, every parent should plan things right from the beginning of school years, so your child gets used to it during the secondary education or higher phases. 

If you are also a parent to a school-going kid, you might have faced challenges developing your child’s interest in studies. Unfortunately, the disinterest will start reflecting in the academics if you do not acknowledge it on time. To help you in this daunting task, we have listed the strategies that can help motivate your kid to study.

8 strategies to motivate your kid to study

Instil Reading Habits

The first and foremost thing is to instil reading habits in your child from a young age. You can do so by reading to them during their childhood and encouraging them to start reading after a certain age. It will develop their liking for books which will eventually help them in their academics. 

Open Discussions

It is fruitful that you encourage your child to discuss the concerns with you. Moreover, you should listen to them carefully without judgment and try to understand why they lack interest in studies. It is helpful because once you know the reason, you can plan your strategies accordingly and develop an interest in your child.  

Activity Based Learning 

You can switch to the activity-based learning processes to ensure it becomes fun and interesting for your child. Choose different activities that most Montessori schools choose to teach various concepts to children. Moreover, you can also rely on the Abu Dhabi India School in Muroor, as they often use activity-based learning practices for their students. 

Encourage the effort

Understand that nothing happens overnight, so if you think your child will develop an interest in a day or two, it will not happen! It is a journey, and the right way to move towards your goals is to encourage the efforts put by your child. Make sure they know that the hard work is enough as it will motivate them to do even better, and you will reach the targets sooner than you imagined.

Create Learning Atmosphere

Another effective strategy is to create a supportive environment for your child. For example, organize a separate study area with a table and chair to comfortably sit while studying. Additionally, you should work on the lighting and ensure that the study area is well-lit and doesn’t put extra strain on the eyes. 

Celebrate Achievements

Celebrating small wins help speed up the process of developing your child’s interest in studies. So, if your child studies continuously without throwing tantrums, reward them with something to let them know you appreciate the way they are working hard. 

Understand their Interests

The reason your child does not like to study can be his disinterest in certain subjects, or they might not like the teaching methodology. Hence, it is vital to have one-to-one discussions with your child, asking them about their interests. Try to know the subjects they like, and you may try beginning the study session with those subjects to keep children glued.

Stick to a Routine 

You need to know that whether your child is in the pre-primary or secondary education phase, you should stick to a routine to see fruitful results. Use these strategies consistently, and your child will develop an interest in studies.

These simple yet effective strategies can help you motivate your child to develop a liking for studies. Apart from this, focus on choosing the right school that complies with your vision and makes equal efforts to keep your child motivated. Understand that combined efforts of the school and parents can yield fruitful results, so stay vigilant and make the right decisions.



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