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7 Strange Facts You Need to Know About Your Freckles

From the natural freckles, we get during the summers as a kid to the faux ones we draw on our face because of the changing beauty trends and runaway inspire us, freckles have always been very fascinating.

But, just like any beauty trend or skincare regime, there have always been weird myths circulating. Just like that, freckles and specks have a few things that you probably might not be aware of.

Following are some strange but interesting facts about your sun-induced freckles.

1.Different Types of Freckles

You might always be thinking that there is only one type of freckles. But, what if I tell you that there are two types of freckles. Strange but interesting. Right?

Ephelides are one of the common types of freckles that are light brown in colour and flat. The colour of these freckles fluctuates with the season. According to the skin specialists in Islamabad, ephelides can get lighter in winter and darker in summer.

The other type of freckles is called lentigines or “age spots”. It appears on the region of the skin that has more melanocyte cells. Therefore, the colour of these freckles changes with exposure to the sun.

2.Freckles are Genetic

Freckles are hereditary. Yes, if you have freckles, it might be due to the genes that you are carrying. The genes that cause freckles is the one regulating your hair colour and skin. MC1R is one such gene that controls the different kinds of melanin that your body produces.

These two types of melanin are:

  • Dark Brown Eumelanin
  • Reddish-Yellow Pheomelanin

When the MR1C gene is inactive in you, it will lead to the production of pheomelanin more and you’ll have lighter colour skin and lighter hair colour and in fact more propensity for the freckles.

3.Nobody is Born with Freckles

Have you ever seen a baby that is born with freckles? No. Right?! Even if people give different reasons for the freckles, you should know that mostly freckles are due to sun exposure. The reason is that sun exposure would lead to the excess production of pigment-making cells.

4.Skin Sensitivity Due to the Sun

Freckles are the indication that shows how sensitive your skin is to the exposure to the sun. Melanin is evenly produced in the skin of some people. When it is not produced every, it forms into freckles. Freckles are the little melanin clumps and with the sun exposure, they tend to fluctuate. If freckles tend to be more on your skin, this shows that your skin is sensitive to the sun. This also indicates that due to sensitivity, your skin is at a greater risk of cancer. But, don’t worry, freckles are never cancerous.

5.Not Every Redhead Has Freckles

You might have seen redheads people having freckles and you must have associated it with the redheads. Even though the amount of melanin is less in redheads but, contrary to the popular belief, not very redheads would have freckles.

It was thought that the same gene controls the red hair colour and melanin. However, freckles are a dominant trait while red colour is a recessive trait. About 80% of the redhead have the MC1R gene, which is responsible for the freckles.

6.They Double as a Natural Sunscreen For Skin

What is I tell you that melanocytes act as a natural sunscreen? Yes. You have read it right. The melanocytes are responsible for darkening your skin colour and act as a natural sunscreen. By doing this, your skin becomes less susceptible to the UV rays.

Having said that, it shouldn’t be your excuse for not applying or reapplying your protector aka sunscreen. To protect your skin, you should wear sunscreen of at least a 30 SPF daily whether you are home or going out. If the sun exposure is more, you also need to reapply it.

Freckles are a risk factor for the cancer if you have a sensitive skin because freckles are caused by the ultraviolet light. So according to the dermatologist, if you start to observe excess production of freckles on your skin, you need to get yourself checked. You need to be extra careful about your skin and get regular annual Durkin checkup for healthy skin.

7.Freckles- A Witch’s Mark?

Well, sounds weird, but, yeah, in medieval times, freckles were considered to be witches mark. Not only freckles, we humans since ancient time had linked birth marks, warts and moles with some sort of sign. Especially, if a women would have freckles, or any such signs, it would linked her alliance with the devil.

Last but not the least, freckles are nothing but a sign of beauty that you are free to flaunt. You need to be gentle about your skin.

In case of any concerns regarding freckles or skin issues, you should consult a skin specialist/dermatologist instead of experimenting with your skin.



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